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Versus Trump is hosted by Jason Harrow, Easha Anand, and Charlie Gerstein. You can listen to previous episodes, and access archived show notes, here. And you can buy t-shirts and other goods with our super-cool logo here.

This Week’s Episode: The End... Or The Beginning?

Well, this is it for Versus Trump, folks. Trump ain't President anymore! He doesn't even have a twitter account. What a way to end.

Charlie and Jason bring back Easha to discuss the short and long term impact of January insurrection. They then reflect on the big picture. After all, we've been podcasting about legal cases involving Trump for almost four years. What in the world happened?

To all who listened each week or every once in a while: our most sincere thank you. This was a blast. We can't believe we put this into the ether and people listened! We may drop into this feed occassionally to give updates, or even try a new thing. But TTFN—ta ta for now.

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