Women’s Rights

As Hillary Clinton famously declared, “Women’s rights are human rights.”

Deep Problems with the Proposed Executive Order on Religious Freedom

5/3/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

It's rumored that tomorrow, Trump will issue an executive order on "religious freedom," singling out for protection only traditional and conservative religious views on sex, marriage, sexual orientation, gender identity, and pregnancy. That order will most certainly raise grave constitutional issues under the Establishment Clause.

Ira C. Lupu

George Washington University Law School

Robert W. Tuttle

George Washington University Law School

Updates | The Week of April 10, 2017

4/16/17  //  Daily Update

This week, President Trump signed into law a bill that allows states to deny funding to Title X clinics. Leah Litman analyzed possible legal challenges to the bill on Take Care.

Updates | The Week of April 3, 2017

4/9/17  //  Daily Update

This week Leah Litman analyzed the constitutional arguments against H.J. Res. 43, the bill that would allow states to deny federal grants to women's health care programs. Leah also commented on Vice President Pence's dining policy, and its potential ramifications for reproductive justice and anti-discrimination.

Legal Challenges To H.J. Res 43

4/6/17  //  Quick Reactions

The Republicans’ bill to arbitrarily deny grants to family planning programs could be challenged in several ways.

Leah Litman

U.C. Irvine School of Law

A Landmark Victory for LGBT Rights (And The Path Ahead)

4/5/17  //  Commentary

The en banc Seventh Circuit has held that Title VII protects against sexual orientation discrimination. SCOTUS is likely to grant review of this important issue in the near future. But it remains unclear what position the Trump Administration will take.

Joshua Matz


H.J. Res. 43 As A Health Care Bill

4/5/17  //  Commentary

The Democrats have accepted the Republicans’ framing of a bill that would be used to defund Planned Parenthood. That’s a mistake.

Leah Litman

U.C. Irvine School of Law

Mike Pence on Women, Sex, And Reproductive Health Services

4/4/17  //  Commentary

The Vice President’s policy against dining with women reveals some problems with his recent vote to allow states to deny funding to organizations that are devoted to reproductive justice and reproductive health.

Leah Litman

U.C. Irvine School of Law

The Pence Policy And The Trump Administration’s Views on Anti-Discrimination

4/3/17  //  Commentary

Vice President Mike Pence’s policy of not dining with women is unconstitutional. It also suggests how far this administration will go to cut back on anti-discrimination law.

Leah Litman

U.C. Irvine School of Law

Updates | The Week of March 27, 2017

4/2/17  //  Daily Update

The male-dominated Trump Administration has targeted women's health legislation.

Updates | Week of March 20, 2017

3/26/17  //  Daily Update

RIchard Thompson Ford argued that President Trump's command that female employees "dress like women" is unworthy of the Presidency, while President Trump's budget blueprint may signal drastic cuts to programs under the Violence Against Women Act.

Women Should Decide When and How to “Dress Like a Woman”

3/17/17  //  Commentary

The President should set a better example for other employers and leave the question of how to dress like a woman—with all of the trade-offs and nuances it entails—to the people who actually have to do it.

Richard Thompson Ford

Stanford Law School