On his first day, President Trump cancelled a reduction in the Federal Housing Administration’s annual fee for most borrowers. That is likely the first of many changes to rules governing safe, affordable, non-discriminatory housing.

Updates | The Week of May 1, 2017

5/7/17  //  Daily Update

Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson linked federal assistance to dependence on the government.

The Blind Side In Trump’s War On The Administrative State

4/17/17  //  Commentary

Neomi Rao’s nomination to serve as Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) is part of Trump and Bannon’s war on the administrative state.

Leah Litman

U.C. Irvine School of Law

Ian Samuel

Harvard Law School

The Story Thus Far: Housing

3/16/17  //  Daily Update

Thus far, most coverage of the Department of Housing and Urban Development has focused on the fact that the man named to lead it, Ben Carson, appears opposed to its core mission. Here are some useful analyses of the story thus far.