Sanctuary Cities

The Trump Administration has threatened to punish state and local governments that decline to cooperate with federal officials in immigration enforcement.

Trump Is Weakening His Only Defense of the Sanctuary Cities Order . . . by Enforcing It

4/24/17  //  Commentary

DOJ argues that Trump's orders threatening sanctuary cities can't be challenged because they remain speculative. But a recent volley of menacing letters from DOJ to sanctuary cities and counties, and to the State of California, has blasted a hole in DOJ's own defense.

Nikolas Bowie

Harvard Law School

Updates | The Week of April 10, 2017

4/16/17  //  Daily Update

This week, Trump Administration suspended reports on sanctuary cities amid accuracy questions.

Updates | The Week of April 3, 2017

4/9/17  //  Daily Update

Sanctuary cities may become sanctuary states.

The Attack on American Cities

4/7/17  //  Commentary

Trump's anti-urban rhetoric has fanned the flames of a war by state governments against progressive cities. We see this in battles over sanctuary cities, LGBT rights, gun regulation, employee rights. The time has come for a campaign on behalf of city power.

Richard C. Schragger

UVA School of Law

Updates | The Week of March 27, 2017

4/2/17  //  Daily Update

President Trump's continued focus on sanctuary cities poses legal problems, as cities like Seattle bring challenges on anti-commandeering grounds. In the meantime, the Trump Administration's immigration agenda is exacting an immediate harm.

Updates | The Week of March 20, 2017

3/26/17  //  Daily Update

This week, commentators focused on the constitutionality of federal threats to withdraw funds from sanctuary cities.

An Unconstitutional Threat to Sanctuary Cities

3/21/17  //  Commentary

DOJ argues that courts can't hear challenges to Trump's executive order threatening to punish sanctuary cities. Its arguments are wrong and prove that Trump's policy is illegal.

Nikolas Bowie

Harvard Law School

A Powerful Statement by the California Chief Justice

3/20/17  //  Quick Reactions

In urging the Attorney General to cease using state courthouses as bait for undocumented migrants, the California Chief Justice displayed admirable bravery and commitment to the rule of law.

Laurence H. Tribe

Harvard Law School

Embracing Federalism

3/16/17  //  Commentary

It is time for progressives to embrace federalism and to use Supreme Court precedents protecting states’ rights to fight against Trump administration policies

Erwin Chemerinsky

U.C. Irvine School of Law