Derek Reinbold  //  1/28/18  //  Topic Update

The Trump Administration's criminal threats against sanctuary cities are baseless, but the rhetoric is dangerous, argues Eli Savit at Take Care.

On Wednesday, the Justice Department threatened to subpoena documents from sanctuary cities, leading mayors to cancel meetings with President Trump (NYT; WaPo; The Hill).

  • You can read the letter the Justice Department sent to 23 cities and states here.

Updates | The Week of January 22, 2018

1/28/18  //  Daily Update

At Take Care, Eli Savit argued that the Trump Administration's threats against sanctuary cities are baseless, but that the rhetoric is nonetheless dangerous. The Justice Department subpoenaed letters from sanctuary cities across the country.

Updates | The Week of January 15, 2018

1/14/18  //  Daily Update

President Trump’s top immigration chief said he was preparing to significantly increase his agency’s enforcement presence in California because of last year’s passage of a “sanctuary state” law.

Update | The Week of November 27, 2017

12/4/17  //  Daily Update

A jury acquitted an undocumented immigrant in a case that President Trump often cited as a part of his opposition to sanctuary cities. Judicial rulings against President Trump's effort to deny funding to sanctuary cities have implications for federalism and separation of powers debates.

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