Daily Update

President Trump declared a complete refusal to comply with the House impeachment inquiry unless the full House expressly votes to authorize the inquiry and adopts certain procedures. The White House advised U.S. diplomats to downplay the eventual release of aid funds to Ukraine. Former Vice President Joe Biden announced his support for the president’s impeachment. Former congressman Trey Gowdy joined President Trump’s legal team as an outside adviser. President Trump criticized Turkey’s military offensive in Syria but remained dismissive of Kurdish fighters and reiterated opposition to extended wars. President Trump issued two new executive orders on administrative law related to guidance documents and enforcement actions.

Nicandro Iannacci

Columbia Law School

Sex Discrimination Behind the Veil Is Still Sex Discrimination

10/11/19  //  Commentary

Even if an employer were to impose a purportedly neutral rule that he did not hire people attracted to the same sex, in practice, that rule would impose two discriminatory sex-based rules

Amanda Shanor

The Wharton School

Barr Has Broken His Promises on Avoiding Personal and Partisan Politics at DOJ

10/11/19  //  Commentary

Barr has broken the first rule for any attorney general: the rule of sound judgment and impartial apolitical administration of justice

Elliot Mincberg

People For the American Way

Overriding Trump on Troop Withdrawals

10/10/19  //  Commentary

Under Article I of the Constitution, Congress can require the President to keep troops in particular locations

Zachary Price

U.C. Hastings College of the Law

Versus Trump: Uncle Charlie's Comity Hour

10/10/19  //  Commentary

On this week’s Versus Trump, Jason and Charlie discuss the major recent decision dismissing the President's attempt to block his accounting firm from turning over his tax returns to the Manhattan DA. Listen now!

Charlie Gerstein

Civil Rights Corps

Jason Harrow

Equal Citizens

A Tale of Two Neil Gorsuches

10/8/19  //  Quick Reactions

It seems just last month Justice Gorsuch was saying his rule was not to “make it up" and was to "follow the law.” The Title VII cases allow us to see whether that's the case.

Leah Litman

Michigan Law School

Could A Ruling Against LGBT Rights in Bostock Allow Employers to Discriminate on the Basis of Religion?

10/7/19  //  Commentary

Permitting employers to discriminate against LGBT employees would open to the door to the same kind of discrimination against millions of Americans of faith

Aaron Tang

UC Davis School of Law