//  9/27/18  //  Commentary

On this week's episode of Versus Trump, Jason and Charlie talk about pardons, Double Jeopardy, forfeiture, and the Manafort guilty plea. They also weigh in on the Kavanaugh developments and what would happen if Rosenstein were fired. As usual, you can listen online below, and subscribe via this page with any podcast player or here in iTunes. 

They start the conversation by discussing the details of Paul Manafort's guilty plea. Charlie then answers a lot of Jason's questions about why Manafort might have entered into the deal, what he gave up, and what might happen if Manafort were pardoned. They then discuss the plea in the context of criminal justice reform in general. Finally, Jason and Charlie offer brief thoughts about Judge Kavanaugh and Rod Rosenstein.

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  • Josh Gerstein's Politico article about the guilty plea is here.
  • The plea agreement is here.

Versus Trump: A Ninth Circuit Compromise

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San Francisco

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