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After the Court handed down Masterpiece Cakeshop, I wrote a quick post on this blog in which I argued that "several aspects of the Court’s opinion in Masterpiece Cakeshop that, if taken seriously, would dispose of several of the government’s arguments in the entry ban litigation (Trump v. Hawaii).  I recently expanded on the post in a piece for the National Law Journal, which you can read here.  I noted the caveat that:

The court is not always consistent in its reasoning.  And there are ways one could distinguish the entry ban case from Masterpiece Cakeshop, though none of them are especially persuasive.  Yes, the entry ban pertains to immigration, but immigration is not a Constitution-free zone.  Likewise, the entry ban challenge involves the president rather than a state official, but the president is bound by the First Amendment to the Constitution just as state officials are. And while some of the president’s animus-laden statements happened before the entry ban, he never disavowed them, and instead implicitly affirmed them by insisting that the entry ban fulfills promises he had made.



Trump’s Threat to Restrict Birthright Citizenship Has (Troubling) Precedent

11/13/18  //  Commentary

By Neil Weare and Sam Erman: It's time to invalidate policies denying birthright citizenship to persons born in U.S. territories

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Versus Trump: Kavanaugh's Coming, Plus Updates

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On this week's episode of Versus Trump, Jason, Charlie, and Easha discuss the retirement of Justice Kennedy and how his presumptive replacement may rule in Versus Trump cases. They then do some quick hits to update a handful of important cases. Listen now!

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The Travel Ban and Inter-Branch Conflict

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The real problem is the Trump Administration itself. What feels like damage today is largely the echo of damage that already happened, rather than something new.

Richard Primus

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