Take Care  //  4/23/17  //  Topic Update

President Trump must reverse course on his proposed federal budget cuts like he did on his attempted hiring freeze, Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD) urges at The Hill.

The federal hiring freeze is costly, disruptive, and does not make government smallerargues Rep. Anthony Brown (D-MD) at The Hill.

The President is increasingly leaning on and appointing Bush-era officials to the chagrin of some of his supporters (Politico).

Updates | The Week of January 22, 2018

1/28/18  //  Daily Update

Richard Trumpka, President of the AFL-CIO, harshly criticized President Trump for his divisive rhetoric and continued support of corporations over working class Americans.

Updates | The Week of January 15, 2018

1/14/18  //  Daily Update

The Trump Administration is seeking to revive and broaden a rule that Congress killed last year requiring drug testing for unemployment benefits. There are fewer OSHA workplace safety inspectors under the Trump Administration than under President Obama.

Zachary Piaker

Columbia Law School

Update | Week of October 30, 2017

11/6/17  //  Daily Update

The Labor Department will appeal a court ruling that threw out an Obama-era rule that would have expanded overtime pay to 4 million more people.

Zachary Piaker

Columbia Law School