Derek Reinbold  //  4/30/17  //  Topic Update

Last Saturday, the March for Science took place in cities around the world. Many speakers and attendees criticized the Trump administration’s approach to science, particularly with respect to climate change (The Hill, NYT).

  • The Intercept profiles several March for Science participants.
  • At the Volokh Conspiracy, Ilya Somin discusses to what extent voters should defer to scientists’ views on policy issues.
  • Rep. Bill Foster (D-IL), who has a Ph.D. in physics, explains why he participated in the March for Science at The Hill.
  • In a Saturday tweet, President Trump claimed that his administration is committed to environmental protection and scientific research (The Hill).
  • But on Thursday, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt discussed his plans for reduced regulation of the coal industry during a visit to a coal power plant (The Washington Examiner).

The Trump Administration’s new formulas for cost-benefit analyses for regulating agencies can mask the costs imposed by pollutionwrites Eli Savit for Take Care.

Members of the Trump Administration will meet on Thursday to evaluate whether the U.S. should exit from the Paris climate agreement (WaPo).

Trump’s proposal to slash the budget for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Marine Fisheries Service would drastically reduce American seafood supply, write Bren Smith, Sean Barrett, and Paul Greenberg (NYT).

President Trump is expected to sign an executive order that could expand access to offshore drilling in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans (NYT).

President Trump signed an executive order requiring review of national monument designations from the past two decades (The Hill).

Updates | The Week of January 22, 2018

1/28/18  //  Daily Update

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a unified national automobile emissions standard, which may preempt California's stricter standard. California is challenging the Interior Department's repeal of standards for fracking on federal land.

Updates | The Week of January 15, 2018

1/14/18  //  Daily Update

FERC unanimously rejects Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s proposal to support coal and nuclear power plants. The Trump Administration backs off of plans for new oil drilling off the Florida coast.

Update | The Week of November 27, 2017

12/4/17  //  Daily Update

The EPA finalized a rule that will maintain the biofuels quota.

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