//  6/18/17  //  Topic Update

Jeff Sessions asked Congress to repeal a 2014 law prohibiting the DOJ from using federal funds to prosecute marijuana violations that are legal under state medical-marijuana laws. He argued that this step was necessary because of the "historic drug epidemic," which involves opiates, not marijuana (WaPo).

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf wrote a letter urging the Trump administration to avoid interfering with the state’s medical marijuana program and threatening legal action in the event of attempted interference (Penn Live).

Updates | The Week of January 15, 2018

1/14/18  //  Daily Update

Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinds an Obama-era policy that had allowed legalized marijuana to flourish in many states, leaving it up to federal prosecutors to decide whether to crack down on marijuana in states where medical and recreational use is legal.

Updates | The Week of August 14, 2017

8/20/17  //  Daily Update

While DOJ continues to wage a war on marijuana by blocking DEA research, Congress may curb federal enforcement in states that have legalized marijuana.

Updates | The Week of July 17, 2017

7/23/17  //  Daily Update

Signs indicate a federal crackdown on marijuana is impending.