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Yesterday, I joined Jeffrey Rosen at the National Constitution Center to discuss my new book with Larry Tribe, To End A Presidency. We had a fun and wide-ranging conversation. Among other issues, we covered the purpose and origins of the impeachment power, the meaning of "high Crimes and Misdemeanors," historical uses and abuses of impeachment, and the fraught relationship between impeachment and democracy. We also addressed self-pardons, criminal indictments, conspiring with foreign powers, abuse of executive authority, and other hotly-disputed issues relating to President Trump. 

You can see the full video here

The House Has Already Opened an Impeachment Investigation Against Trump

7/26/19  //  Commentary

The Constitution’s text and structure — supported by judicial precedent and prior practice — show that impeachment is a process, not a single vote

Joshua Matz


A Memorandum of Misunderstanding

7/22/19  //  Commentary

Mueller didn't indict Trump because DOJ policy prohibited him from doing so. That same policy points to the need for impeachment.

Why the Spotlight On Chief Justice Roberts May Soon Be Brighter—and Why That Matters

6/13/19  //  Commentary

Chief Justice Roberts would preside over any impeachment trial of President Trump. Here's why that matters.

Brianne J. Gorod

Constitutional Accountability Center