Symposium on 'Constitutional Coup' by Jon Michaels

1/14/18  //  Latest Developments

Take Care is pleased to host a symposium on Constitutional Coup

Joshua Matz


Event Announcement! ACS @ AALS January 4th

12/20/17  //  Latest Developments

We'll be having a panel discussion on conventions, norms, and constitutional governance at AALS on Thursday, January 4th.

Leah Litman

U.C. Irvine School of Law

Net Neutrality News Flash

12/15/17  //  Latest Developments

As predicted, the FCC voted today to reverse its 2015 net neutrality rules

Tejas Narechania

UC Berkeley School of Law

DOJ Will No Longer Assist Covered Entities in Understanding the Law

11/21/17  //  Latest Developments

The new approach does not mean the DOJ will no longer make policy. It just means the Department will no longer tell covered entities and protected individuals what those policies are.

Eve Hill

Brown Goldstein & Levy

Want To Know What’s Been Happening Lately in the Congressional Emoluments Case? A Lot.

11/9/17  //  Latest Developments

Updated on a case against the President for his violations of the Constitution's Emoluments Clauses.

Brianne J. Gorod

Constitutional Accountability Center

Forum on Defending the First Amendment from Trump

10/6/17  //  Latest Developments

Take Care and Protect Democracy have teamed up to host a forum in which leading scholars consider how we can use the law (and litigation) to protect against Trump's use of the 'bully podium.'

Take Care

Conference on 'Populist Plutocrats: Lessons from Around the World'

9/6/17  //  Latest Developments

On September 23, Harvard Law School will host a one-day conference about populist plutocrats, a label many apply to President Trump.

Take Care

Symposium on Congress's Constitution

8/25/17  //  Latest Developments

Take Care is pleased to host a symposium on Congress's Constitution—an important new book by Josh Chafetz

Take Care

Important Update on an Emoluments Case Against Trump

8/5/17  //  Latest Developments

Late last night, the plaintiffs in CREW v. Trump filed their brief opposing President Trump's motion to dismiss the case.

Joshua Matz


All TC Analysis of Emoluments Issues & Cases

8/1/17  //  Latest Developments

Take Care presents an organized guide to our coverage of the Foreign and Domestic Emoluments Clauses.

Take Care

An Updated Guide to Our Analyses of the Travel Ban

6/30/17  //  Latest Developments

Take Care hereby presents in a single, updated post all commentary we have published about the revised travel ban.

Take Care

An Open Letter to Sen. Ben Sasse

6/21/17  //  Latest Developments

I recently wrote an open letter to Senator Ben Sasse regarding the American Health Care Act. Here's the conclusion.

Richard Primus

University of Michigan Law School

The Comey Firing - Legal Analyses From Around the Web

5/15/17  //  Latest Developments

A day-by-day guide to legal analysis of the many questions raised by Trump's abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Take Care

New Hotel-Owner Plaintiff in CREW Emolument Lawsuit

5/11/17  //  Latest Developments

Yesterday, CREW again amended its complaint alleging that President Trump has violated the Domestic and Foreign Emoluments Clauses of the U.S. Constitution. Notably, CREW added another plaintiff: Eric Goode, the owner of several famous hotels, restaurants, bars and event spaces in New York.

Joshua Matz


A Compilation of Travel Ban Legal Analyses From Around the Web

5/5/17  //  Latest Developments

Take Care hereby presents in a single post all commentary we have rounded up in our daily updates since the site launched on March 16. Together, these articles tell the story of the revised travel ban and offer a diverse set of perspectives on legal issues in the litigation.

Take Care