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On this week's episode of Versus Trump, Jason and Charlie talk about the Trump Administration's lawsuit against California that would block California's new net neutrality law from going into effect. As usual, you can listen online below, and subscribe via this page with any podcast player or here in iTunes. 

They start the conversation by discussing what net neutrality is and what the Obama Administration did in 2015 to put net neutrality rules into effect. They then discuss the Trump Administration's 2018 repeal of the Obama rules, which lead to California's attempt to reinstate the Obama-era rules at the state level. The Trump Administration now claims California's rules are invalid, and on a minor point, Jason and Charlie agree the Trump Administration is right: in particular, they conclude that California has jumped the gun and will likely need to wait for a massive appeal in D.C. to finish before the state can put its own rules into effect. But Jason and Charlie are skeptical of the Trump Administration's underlying rationale that the federal government can forever fail to impose net neutrality rules and simultaneously block California from passing its own rules.

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  • DOJ's page on the lawsuit is here. The government's preliminary injunction motion is here, and its Complaint is here.
  • The D.C. Circuit brief of Communications Law Professors that they discuss is here.
  • Charlie mentioned at the end an article in Current Affairs about Kavanaugh. That's here.

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