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It would be constitutional for the federal government to tax wealthwrite Walter Dellinger and Dawn Johnsen at Take Care.

The President’s renewed interest in repealing the Affordable Care Act is undermining Republican efforts at tax reform,writes Richard Rubin (WSJ).

  • At Dorf on Law, Neil H. Buchanan arguesthat Administration incompetence is hindering efforts to alter the tax code.

Tax preparers across the country are reporting sharp decreases in filings with ITINs, the method used by undocumented immigrants, in light of deportation fears (NPR). 

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin admitted that tax reform is unlikely to reach President Trump’s desk by August (Politico).

  • The “root of all evil” at the IRS “is the complexity of the tax code,” urges Nina E. Olson at the Wall Street Journal. 

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin teased the release of comprehensive individual and corporate tax reforms “very soon” (WSJ).

  • “Why are Republicans making tax reform so hard?” wonder Steve Forbes, Larry Kudlow, Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore (NYT).
  • “Even people who think (incorrectly) that only the supply side of the economy matters should not support the Republicans’ tax cuts,” Neil H. Buchanan responds at Justia.
  • The President is inching closer to a “protectionist blunder” on steel tariffs, warns the Wall Street Journal.
  • Slashing the capital gains tax down to its pre-Obama levels would increase federal revenue, argue Mark Bloomfield and Oscar S. Pollock (WSJ).

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The Trump Administration opts for speed rather than accuracy in implementing the new tax law.

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The Senate passed a sweeping tax rewrite early Saturday.

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Commentary continued on President Trump's proposed tax plan. Whether the President can get the plan through Congress remains unclear.