The Imminent Demise of Chevron Deference?

6/21/18  //  Quick Reactions

Justice Kennedy wrote a concurrence today that could rock the world of administrative law, with huge implications for federal policy.

Beckles v. US As Anti-Canon

6/18/18  //  Quick Reactions

Today's federal sentencing opinions create even more tension between the Court's sentencing jurisprudence and Beckles v. United States.

Leah Litman

Michigan Law School

If You’re Minnesota Nice, You Can Wear Whatever You Want to the Polls

6/14/18  //  Quick Reactions

By Ilya Shapiro: SCOTUS has ruled that a Minnesota law banning 'political' apparel at polling places violates the First Amendment

Take Care

A Brief and Obvious, But Nonetheless Necessary, Observation About Today's SCOTUS decision in the Ohio Voter Registration Case

6/11/18  //  Quick Reactions

I wouldn't accuse any of the justices of voting in voting rights cases based on a conscious calculation of what's best for the Republican or Democratic Party. But an inference of at least subconscious bias certainly fits the facts.

Michael C. Dorf

Cornell Law School

The Results Are In: Law Firms & Mandatory Arbitrations

6/11/18  //  Quick Reactions

The results of the survey to law firms recruiting on campus shows which firms use mandatory arbitration, and which firms deigned to respond at all.

Leah Litman

Michigan Law School

The Supreme Court’s Upside-Down Decision In Masterpiece

6/7/18  //  Quick Reactions

By Nelson Tebbe & Larry Sager: Now is the time to solidify our understanding of Masterpiece, because other wedding vendor cases are still pending in the Supreme Court and in lower courts.

Nelson Tebbe

Brooklyn Law School

Fury and Despair over the Masterpiece Cakeshop Ruling are Misplaced

6/6/18  //  Quick Reactions

Justice Kennedy makes an open-ended call for tolerance and compromise in his opinion. For that, he should be commended

Masterpiece Cakeshop: The Loss that is a Win

6/5/18  //  Quick Reactions

In some cases, the public perception of a case — not its actual holding — is what is most important.

Amanda Shanor

The Wharton School

Masterpiece Cakeshop And The Entry Ban

6/4/18  //  Quick Reactions

In Masterpiece Cakeshop, Justice Kennedy tells us a lot about why the Court should reject the government's arguments on the First Amendment claim in the entry ban case.

Leah Litman

Michigan Law School

Collins v. Virginia And Remedial Shell Games

5/31/18  //  Quick Reactions

The Supreme Court has been engaged in something of a shell game with respect to remedies in cases related to policing.

Leah Litman

Michigan Law School

The Cert Denial in Planned Parenthood v. Jegley

5/30/18  //  Quick Reactions

The Supreme Court's denial of cert in Planned Parenthood v. Jegley raises some concerns.

Leah Litman

Michigan Law School

The Trump Administration And Immigrant Children

5/25/18  //  Quick Reactions

The news that the Trump administration lost undocumented children after placing them in the custody of minors calls to mind Azar v. Garza, the case in which the administration insists on placing minors into the custody of sponsors before the minors can obtain abortions.

Leah Litman

Michigan Law School

Williams v. Louisiana And The Asymmetric Pursuit of Criminal Justice

5/23/18  //  Quick Reactions

Prosecutors recently agreed to the release of a man wrongfully convicted as a child. But not without a cost.

Leah Litman

Michigan Law School

#MeToo: Update on Arbitration-Related Advocacy

5/16/18  //  Quick Reactions

Law students' advocacy led to a powerful letter to law firms recruiting on campus from many different law schools.

Leah Litman

Michigan Law School

#MeToo: More Advocacy On Mandatory Arbitration Clauses (Cornell edition)

4/8/18  //  Quick Reactions

Some recent updates on law students' organization against mandatory arbitration.

Leah Litman

Michigan Law School