Partisan Gerrymandering Returns to the Supreme Court

3/27/18  //  In-Depth Analysis

Partisan gerrymandering at its core is viewpoint discrimination pure and simple, and it cannot be squared with our Constitution’s promise that voters choose their representatives, not the other way around.

Congressional Power to Immunize the President Against State Court Litigation

3/26/18  //  In-Depth Analysis

Thoughts on a thus-far-hypothetical question

Michael C. Dorf

Cornell Law School

Is Congress a Watchdog Asleep on the Job?

3/20/18  //  Commentary

By Former Republican Congressmen Tom Coleman and Mickey Edwards

Take Care

Donald Trump's New Intelligence Slush Fund

1/22/18  //  Commentary

The continuing resolution that was signed by President Trump contains a provision that permits his intelligence agencies to spend billions of dollars on anything they want, without having to inform Congress about what they are doing. This seems like a bad idea.

Ian Samuel

Harvard Law School

Against Cutting the President’s Purse Strings

1/7/18  //  In-Depth Analysis

No, Congress doesn't have a duty to provide the resources necessary for the executive branch to adequately fulfill its constitutional functions.

Zachary Price

U.C. Hastings College of the Law

On The Ripeness of Potted Plants and Other Non Sequiturs

12/22/17  //  Quick Reactions

We offer a few quick reactions to yesterday's opinion dismissing one of the emoluments cases on standing grounds.

Leah Litman

U.C. Irvine School of Law

Daniel Hemel

University of Chicago Law School

Versus Trump: Judges of Christmas Future

12/21/17  //  Commentary

On this week’s Versus Trump holiday spectacular, it's all judges, all the time. Charlie, Jason, and Easha take a closer look at a number of the President's judicial nominees—confirmed, pending, and withdrawn—to examine what might happen to Versus Trump cases in years to come. Listen now!

Easha Anand

San Francisco

Charlie Gerstein

Civil Rights Corps

Jason Harrow

Equal Citizens

Justice Kennedy, The First Amendment, and Partisan Gerrymandering

10/4/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

By David Gans: Will Justice Kennedy carve out a partisan redistricting exception from foundational First Amendment principles?

Take Care

Versus Trump: The FOIA Spectacular!

9/21/17  //  Commentary

On this week’s episode of Versus Trump, Easha and Charlie discuss all things FOIA—that is, the Freedom of Information Act. Listen now!

Charlie Gerstein

Civil Rights Corps

Easha Anand

San Francisco

Jason Harrow

Equal Citizens

Versus Trump: Keeping the DREAM Alive

9/14/17  //  Commentary

On this week’s episode of Versus Trump, we discuss a major new lawsuit that challenges President Trump's announced revocation of the DACA immigration program. Listen now!

Charlie Gerstein

Civil Rights Corps

Jason Harrow

Equal Citizens

Congress’s Constitution, Redux

8/28/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

Here I respond to insightful comments on Congress's Constitution.

Josh Chafetz

Cornell Law School

Symposium on Congress's Constitution

8/25/17  //  Latest Developments

Take Care is pleased to host a symposium on Congress's Constitution—an important new book by Josh Chafetz

Take Care

The Faces of Congressional Power

8/25/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

By Mark Graber: Congress has considerable tools to influence public policy. How effectively Congress may use those tools depends in part on the skill with which they are exercised, but also on more durable features of the times in which they are exercised.

Take Care

The Constitution of Talk

8/25/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

There needs to be a separation of microphones just as much as a separation of powers, and Congress does not understand the microphone that 2017 requires.

David Fontana

George Washington University Law School

Encouraging Legislative Expertise-Forcing

8/24/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

A promising way for Congress to check the Executive, as well as to enhance its own efficacy and public standing, is by promoting expertise in the executive branch

Bijal Shah

Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law