The First Amendment and Soliciting Crimes of Migration

11/2/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

By Daniel I Morales: Can the federal government make it a crime to encourage or induce a noncitizen to illegally enter or reside in the United States?

Take Care

Versus Trump Emergency Pod: JD v. DHS

10/26/17  //  Commentary

On this week’s episode of Versus Trump, Easha and Charlie have a quick turn-around emergency pod to discuss an ongoing—wait, just now resolved—case filed by a pregnant 17-year-old girl in federal immigration custody who seeks an abortion. Easha and Charlie first talk about the procedural wrangling that this case has wrought and second about the legal claims in the case, which bring them into the exciting worlds of reproductive rights, immigration law, and international relations. Listen now!

Charlie Gerstein

Civil Rights Corps

Easha Anand

San Francisco

The Travel Ban and the Ontology of the Compelling Interest Test

10/6/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

Maybe the whole compelling interest test is misguided in Establishment Clause cases.

Michael C. Dorf

Cornell Law School

A Primer on the DACA Rescission

10/5/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

Here we address confusions and misconceptions about what DACA is (or was), and what will happen next; about the effects of DHS’s “rescission, and what the legal basis might be for that rescission; about what happens during the so-called six-month “window”; about the prospects that Trump might reverse course in March; and about the current litigation challenging DHS’s rescission.

Marty Lederman

Georgetown Law

Cristina Rodríguez

Yale Law School

Adam Cox

NYU Law School

Honor Killings and the Travel Bans

10/4/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

Anti-Muslim animus on the face of the second travel ban requires clear proof that the third one is free of such bigotry.

In A Major Immigration Case, The Government Says “We’re Going Big, So Go Home”

10/2/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

The government is arguing it can deprive noncitizens of their legal rights simply by making it too difficult and painful to vindicate those rights.

Leah Litman

Michigan Law School

Protecting Free Speech and Free Press From Motivated Malignancy

9/28/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

Trump’s potential violations of free speech and press have much in common with his apparent violations of other constitutional limits

Michael C. Dorf

Cornell Law School

End of the Travel Ban and Its Litigation (for now, anyway)

9/24/17  //  Commentary

By the time you read this, the heart of the so-called 'travel ban' will probably be no more.

Marty Lederman

Georgetown Law

The Stakes for Civil Rights in the Funding Fight Over Sanctuary Cities

9/21/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

There's reason to be wary of the argument that Congress has to “unambiguously” state funding conditions in the text of statutes.

Leah Litman

Michigan Law School

Challenging the 'Travel Ban' in the Supreme Court

9/19/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

Will the President’s own words mean nothing to the Court, even as they mean everything to millions affected by his order?

Versus Trump: Keeping the DREAM Alive

9/14/17  //  Commentary

On this week’s episode of Versus Trump, we discuss a major new lawsuit that challenges President Trump's announced revocation of the DACA immigration program. Listen now!

Charlie Gerstein

Civil Rights Corps

More Empty Threats: The Trump Administration’s Latest Attack on Sanctuary Cities

9/13/17  //  Commentary

With the threatened rescission of DACA, it is all the more important that courts enforce statutory and constitutional limits on executive authority.

Seth Davis

U.C. Irvine School of Law

The Ninth Circuit's Latest Order and The Zombie Travel Ban

9/7/17  //  Quick Reactions

And now what? We’re condemned to battle the zombie-like remains of this cruel order as it shuffles about the world for just a few more weeks, ruining lives and embarrassing our tradition of religious liberty.

Trump Can’t Revoke DACA Without Going Through Notice and Comment

9/5/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

Dreamers should invoke administrative law to block Trump's DACA decision

Daniel Hemel

University of Chicago Law School

Oceans Apart But Still a Close Familial Relation

9/5/17  //  In-Depth Analysis

Analysis of the Ninth Circuit's latest travel ban argument (and some personal reflections).